About the speaker: Clemens Löwik is a full Professor in Experimental Molecular Imaging at the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands. The early studies of Prof. Löwik and his colleagues have led to the clinical development of new generation bisphosphonates which are now widely used and are the choice of treatment in metabolic bone diseases like osteoporosis and metastatic bone disease to stop bone loss. He was also involved in the discovery and unraveling of the mechanism of action of Sclerostin, a natural inhibitor of bone formation, which has led to the development of a new antibody based drug that can restore the bone that have been lost. His current research involves 4 major research lines: 1. Molecular mechanisms involved in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation into bone, cartilage, fat and neuronal cells. 2. Mechanisms involved in bone metastasis of breast cancer. 3. Intra-operative optical imaging guided surgery. 4. Imaging and targeting necrosis. In these research lines, new in vitro and in vivo imaging based models have been developed. Within his research, he is implementing non-invasive molecular imaging technologies in mice and rats based on bioluminescence and fluorescence, CT and MRI. He is one of the pioneers and expert on whole body optical imaging technologies based on bioluminescence and fluorescence.